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To Note Lined Notepad - Chalk

To Note Lined Notepad - Chalk

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A beautiful space to hold all of your notes and ideas. Ample size so you have plenty of room to write your thoughts. Lined on the front side of each sheet for note taking, journaling, or brainstorming. Unlined on the reverse side to use as you please. Extra thick covers complete with gold foil detail.



Oh my do we love this company! Founded in 2009 by Kim Burks (who we happened to know personally and she's the best) Ramona and Ruth was created to help you approach your day, your routines, and your relationships with intent and purpose. What's more the company's namesake are Kim’s grandmothers — Ramona, the creative florist who loved Golden Girls and finding the humor in everything, and Ruth, the poised and gentle farmer who spent her days tending and growing in Hallam, Nebraska. So much girl power and we couldn't love it more!

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