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Project Planner in Light Blue

Project Planner in Light Blue

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This powerful Project Planner is designed to help you map, organize, and finish projects on time. It has room for over 100 projects, each broken down into concise task lists and monthly timelines. Open-dated yearly, monthly and weekly sections encourage you to set goals and see them through, and a new process notes section provides space to jot down ideas, meeting points, to-dos, and more. Smyth Sewn binding lies flat when open and a durable, fabric-like cover with an elastic band holds it all together.

Yearly, monthly, weekly, project plan, process notes, and notes sections


FSC Chain of Custody Certified paper

Smyth Sewn binding

Dimensions: 11.9, x 8.4, (21.3 cm x 30.2 cm) with 160 open-dated pages


Angie Myung started created a series of artist wallets that fit right in your pocket. That series was so successful, she was inspired to start a company in 2003. When trying to think of the name for the company, they went back to that that amazing little wallet, and Angie’s Korean grandmother’s mispronunciation of the word “pocket”: Poh-keh-toe thus was born POKETO. Angie's brand has since exploded and been acquired - fuck yeah girl! Three cheers to you girl boss ;)

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