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Ejaculate Responsibly Book

Ejaculate Responsibly Book

by Gabrielle Blair

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In Ejaculate Responsibly, Gabrielle Blair offers a provocative reframing of the abortion issue in post-Roe America. In a series of 28 brief arguments, she deftly makes the case for moving the abortion debate away from controlling and legislating women’s bodies and instead directs the focus on men’s lack of accountability in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Highly readable, accessible, funny, and unflinching, Blair builds her argument by walking readers through the basics of fertility (men are 50 times more fertile than women), the unfair burden placed on women when it comes to preventing pregnancy (90% of the birth control market is for women), the wrongheaded stigmas around birth control for men (condoms make sex less pleasurable, vasectomies are scary and emasculating), and the counterintuitive reality that men, who are fertile 100% of the time, take little to no responsibility for preventing pregnancy.

The result is a compelling and convincing case for placing the responsibility—and burden—of preventing unwanted pregnancies away from women and onto men.




Gabrielle Stanley Blair is not just the author of this INSTANT New York Times Bestseller. She is also the founder of Design AND the founder of Alt Summit the blockbuster annual conference for creative entrepreneurs, currently in its 13th year.
As a thought leader for over 15 years, Gabrielle has written and moderated hundreds of discussions on difficult topics and interviewed some of the most influential people in the world. Basically, she talks and writes about the hard shit and shines a light on the topics a lot of people avoid.
She is also the mom to SIX CHILDREN. She recently moved her family to small town in Normandy, France where they are renovating a house from the 1600s. Basically, she is like our freaking girl crush okayyyy.

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