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4 Real Friends Card

4 Real Friends Card

Sad Girls Bar x Paper Epiphanies

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Part of our OG Meets Web3™ initiative comes our first NFT crossover collection! This card is part of our collaboration with metaverse favorite Sad Girls Bar. Hand-drawn, monochrome, and stylish Sad Girls were created by female artist Glam Beckett. The collection consists of 10,000 gently curated ERC721 NFTs.

This card was created from Sad Girls Bar NFT art and was letterpress printed at the Paper Epiphanies’ flagship store in Portland, Oregon, USA on vintage Heidelberg Windmill presses.

Message: 57,289 followers. 4 real friends.



Every letterpress card is made by us, inside our Flagship Store in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.


As a woman-owned business, we are steadfast in our mission to amplify women and tell their stories. Led by our motto of cards. gifts. girl power., we are committed to purchasing at least 75% of all products from woman and minority owned companies and brands. What’s more, we only work with women artists and writers on the cards we produce. That’s right. Every single one of the 600+ SKUS in our line was designed and or written by a woman. Pretty epic.

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