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Shine Bright Card Set - All Shapes & Sizes Collaboration

Shine Bright Card Set - All Shapes & Sizes Collaboration

Abby Houston X Paper Epiphanies

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The Shine Bright card set is a vibrant masterpiece! This set includes 6 folded letterpress cards, all blank inside and 6 thick white envelopes. Each card features 3 color letterpress artwork. 


This collection was made in collaboration with Abby Houston our PiPH Artist in Resident - Summer 2022. Entitled "All Shapes & Sizes" the collection celebrates the different ways we are family and all the makes and models of humans. This collection pushes the envelope of letterpress today and truly replicates the feeling and movement of paint. Abby hand painted each work and PiPH founder, Victoria traced and screened the scanned painted work to bring to life Abby's creations in letterpress form. What resulted is a one-of-a kind collaboration.


This collection was letterpressed at the PiPH Flagship Store in Portland, Oregon.

Each card is printed with black, neon pink, and neon yellow ink on thick, brilliant white 100% tree-free cotton paper.

The set includes (6) 5.5" x 4.25" folded cards, blank inside.


Abby Houston was PiPH's Artist in Residence in July 2022. Abby is one badass lady - a momma to three daughters, a good human and a talented artist. Abby’s earliest memory of creative practice began as a child when her mother would take her to the Oregon Coast to sit and paint the ocean. Abby began her professional art journey as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist. Abby spent 17 years working in alternative school settings teaching art and facilitating a Studio based art curriculum. Abby is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and believes in the freedom of reproductive rights of anyone with a uterus.

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